Business Merger Attorney Irvine CA

Business & Corporate Mergers

During business mergers, multiple companies are combined into a single entity. This creates a more prominent company from smaller companies. It is usually done to increase market share, reduce business costs, enhance innovation, and gain access to resources. There are various types of mergers, including:

  • Horizontal Merger: fuses multiple businesses that are part of the same industry.
  • Vertical Merger: combines companies that provide distinct supply chain functions for a joint service or good.
  • Conglomerate Merger: unites companies in differing industries and operating in different geographic areas to allow for the cross-sale of products when the target market is similar. 
Business Merger Attorney Irvine CA

Business & Corporate Acquisitions

A business acquisition is a company’s cash or stock purchase from another company. This process is usually done for the benefit of assets and profits. Furthermore, it is sometimes done for market share and expansion or in order to eliminate competition. Having an experienced corporate lawyer is essential during acquisition so that potential risks are considered. An attorney is especially helpful in situations where there is a hostile takeover. This happens when a company attempts to acquire another company by going directly to its shareholders instead of to the company’s management.

A Business Merger Attorney in Irvine CA Will Help Your Business to Grow

Mergers & Acquisitions are an essential growth strategy in the business world. However, they can be complicated to execute without some consequences, such as layoffs. The experienced team at Law & Stein has the experience and resources to successfully complete the largest and most complex merger or acquisition of any business. We have helped business owners sell their businesses for more than $15 million. Our expert attorneys can be of counsel in every aspect of a transaction, such as financing, regulatory approval, due diligence, and valuation.

Law & Stein Is Your Business Merger Attorney in Irvine CA

We pride ourselves on always prioritizing the best interests of our clients at the forefront of what we do; this includes the best interests of their businesses. We’ve found that the key to avoiding future costly disputes is to put the right contracts in place early on and place strategizing language in business transaction documents. We draft, review, and negotiate all types of business acquisition contracts.

If a party breaches a contract, we have a comprehensive and successful litigation department that can handle the matter. We are also available to serve as general counsel. With Law & Stein, LLP as your legal partner, the expense of in-house counsel and the risk of foregoing proper legal advisement can be eliminated. 

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