Advanced Estate Planning

Advanced Estate Planning

When people think of estate planning, what comes to mind for most people is planning for after death. However, while traditional estate planning covers the basics (ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth and minimizing tax liabilities and probate fees), advanced estate planning encompasses various strategies and techniques designed to protect and distribute your assets according

The Death of Raquel Welch – What Is Her Estate Plan?

Raquel Welch, whose acting career spanned five decades, passed away in February at the age of eighty-two. Welch appeared in more than thirty films and fifty television series, won a Golden Globe Award, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, Welch was more than an actress. She was also a savvy

Revisit Your Estate Plan After Home Remodeling Projects

Spring has sprung, which means many homeowners are kicking off remodeling projects. It’s the time of year when homeowners are motivated to undertake various projects to enhance their homes’ efficiency, infuse their living spaces with their unique touch, and address overdue maintenance tasks. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) celebrates May as

What to Bring to A Meeting With Your Estate Planning Attorney

When you first meet with your Law & Stein estate planning attorney, you’ll discuss and strategize a plan for your assets. We aim to protect your wealth, minimize tax liabilities, and create the most comprehensive plan to fulfill your intentions. We know that talking about end-of-life wishes can be a sensitive topic. Therefore, we want

Estate Plan Etiquette + Probate Rules to Know

In honor of May being National Etiquette Month, we offer ways to bolster your estate plan by incorporating the key elements of etiquette. Furthermore, this month’s newsletter outlines circumstances that may indicate an update to your estate plan is calling. Lastly, we discuss some essential probate rules to know should you need to wind up

The Balancing Act of Estate Planning

Estate planning requires a balancing act of providing the greatest benefits to loved ones while saving on income and estate taxes and safeguarding savings from beneficiaries’ creditors. This balance requires careful consideration alongside proper legal and financial tools. Saving on Taxes Unfortunately, estate and income taxes might be quite the hurdle for you and your

What Is Trust and Estate Litigation?

Trust and estate litigation refers to legal disputes that arise in the context of trusts, wills, and estates. This type of litigation usually involves disagreements between family members and other interested parties over the interpretation or implementation of a will, trust, or estate plan. Trust and estate litigation can take many forms, including challenges to

The Three Goals of Estate Planning

Are you concerned about the future of your assets? Estate planning is the process of planning how your assets will be handled after death. It usually involves signing a will and a trust. You also sign a healthcare directive and power of attorney that take effect if you become incapacitated. It’s important to know that