Services to Cancel After a Loved One Passes

Services to Cancel After a Loved One Passes

The passing of a family member presents challenges on multiple fronts. In addition to grieving, practical responsibilities need attention. For example, their accounts must be settled, including utilities, insurance, memberships, digital subscriptions, and other recurring payment programs. Resolving these accounts aids in preventing avoidable fees and safeguards against identity theft. Your initial step should be

Protecting Your Family During Unemployment

Some businesses could not pull through the increased expenses inflation has brought on over the past few years unscathed. Due to this, companies have put employees out of work or laid off employees to reduce costs. If you are dealing with the stress of recent unemployment, remember you are not alone. You can use this

What Is Undue Influence in California?

Undue influence is a legal term used to describe a situation where a person is forced or manipulated into making a decision against their own free will. In California, undue influence can be used to invalidate a contract, will, or other legal documents. It can also be used to establish a claim for financial fraud

Transparency During the Trust Administration Process

When a loved one passes away, the successor trustee distributes the assets according to the decedent’s last wish. During that time, emotions are high, and things can become contentious and potentially lead to a lawsuit. This can happen even if the trustee is doing everything right. Transparency is a way to reduce the stress for

Trustee Duties When Trustor Is Incompetent

So, you’ve found yourself in the position of trustee and are managing your loved one’s estate while they are still alive. What are your duties to account to the eventual beneficiaries of your loved one’s estate? And what if your loved one is incompetent, thus the reason you are now overseeing their estate? Beneficiaries Left

Protecting Your Digital Legacy

How to Manage Your Photos, Data & Social Media Accounts After You Die Thinking about your “digital legacy” may seem strange but given the amount of data and content we all use and create (think about all your phone’s pictures, iCloud backups, texts, social media accounts, and Apps like Venmo and Starbucks), it is something