When You Should Hire a Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

When You Should Hire a Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney

You should consider hiring a trust and estate litigation attorney when there is a dispute or conflict related to an estate or will. Some situations where an estate litigation attorney can be helpful include: In general, if you’re involved in a legal dispute related to an estate, it is a good idea to consult with

What Is Trust and Estate Litigation?

Trust and estate litigation refers to legal disputes that arise in the context of trusts, wills, and estates. This type of litigation usually involves disagreements between family members and other interested parties over the interpretation or implementation of a will, trust, or estate plan. Trust and estate litigation can take many forms, including challenges to

New Year! New Attorneys! Same First-Rate Counsel!

As we enter a new year, we extend our appreciation and gratitude to both our existing and new clients. We have a genuine passion for what we do and we thank you for trusting Law & Stein as your legal counsel. 2021 Recap 2021 was another unique year where we found ourselves overcoming challenges similar

Inheritance Dispute? Don’t Just Sit There. Mediate!

“Why did my dad leave most of his money to charities and not his kids?” “It’s unclear what my father’s intentions were with our family vacation home.” “My mom left a handwritten document stating who should receive her jewelry and art collection. Is this an official document?” Losing a loved one is a difficult time,

How Elder Abuse Can Lead To Litigation

California Looks Out For It’s Elders Because elder abuse can take on many forms, and because, sadly, millions of families suffer every year from elder abuse, California has enacted laws to protect elders and those who are in a dependent situation. California passed a law entitled the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act.