Defense litigation helps protect you and your assets. We believe in finding a solution that saves you time and money. We are skilled mediators and experienced litigators.

Product & Premises Liability Defense

Businesses more than ever are vulnerable to lawsuits that can have a devastating impact on their reputation and viability. Fortunately, Law & Stein has experience successfully defending this kind of litigation. Having established ourselves as a top trial and litigation firm, our team of attorneys represent Fortune 500 companies and international corporations, including nonprofit corporations, in high-risk litigation involving products from a wide range of industries. Members of this practice group regularly appear in both state and federal courts on behalf of our clients, who rely on us to protect their interests in expanding geographic markets. Law & Stein attorneys are experienced in virtually every type of significant litigation within the product liability arena.

Law & Stein defends manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including heavy machinery and construction equipment, hand tools, automotive, sporting equipment, cosmetics, children’s toys, household appliances, and all types of consumer products. Our attorneys defend a variety of liability and personal injury claims against companies, and have developed the methods necessary for resolving litigation either through trial or before it starts.

Law & Stein attorneys recognize that many product liability cases may be successfully and economically resolved short of trial. We have developed strategies for discovery and pretrial practice, which have resulted in the entry of defense judgments pursuant to motions. We also consult with in-house counsel and risk managers to develop risk avoidance strategies and programs that empower businesses to avoid litigation altogether, or to maximize the factual and legal defenses available, if sued. Law & Stein attorneys also prepare risk analyses, assess advertising liability and develop pre-loss programs and effective procedures for receiving and responding to customer complaints and government agency inquiries.

Product liability litigation can take many forms, from catastrophic personal injury claims to class actions and complex tort actions. Regardless of the complexity or exposure Law & Stein has the expertise, experience and resources to defend product liability lawsuits.

Trust & Estate Litigation – Inheritance Disputes

When litigation concerning a trust, will, conservatorship or guardianship is unavoidable, our trust and estate litigation attorneys are there to protect you. Our team understands how emotionally exhausting litigation with other family members can be. We break down the litigation process for you, explaining in clear terms what to expect, possibilities for resolution before trial and the risks and rewards of proceeding to trial.


Trust litigation specifically encompasses the administration and distribution of a trust which is usually established with clearly specified conditions concerning the distribution of the assets in the account and is managed by an appointed trustee. Problems can arise concerning the funding and/or administration of the trust upon the death of the donor or “settlor.”

Trust and estate litigation, by its very nature, can involve family and friends, and close relationships are often put to the test. At Law & Stein, our attorneys work closely with our clients to develop strategies that will result in the best possible resolution to the case either through a negotiated settlement or through the litigation process if that becomes necessary.

Disputes involving trust and estates require legal counsel that is not only experienced in handling contested wills, disputed claims, accounting issues, and a variety of other problems that may arise after the death of an individual, but attorneys that are sensitive to the emotional aspects associated with this type of litigation. 

Elder Abuse

We understand it often becomes necessary to appoint a guardian, agent or fiduciary to help manage your various assets and finances. Unfortunately, these assets can become advertently or inadvertently mismanaged and our litigation attorneys have experience to ensure your assets and finances are protected and your interests are preserved. Claims of elder abuse can include: 

  • Unauthorized appropriation, sale, or transfer of an elder’s property by the agent or guardian
  • Wasting, embezzling, or intentionally mismanaging the elder’s assets
  • Misappropriating, misusing, or transferring money from an elder’s account without their authorization
  • Failing to properly use an elder’s assets for their support and maintenance  

Business Litigation

The attorneys at Law & Stein assist individuals and businesses when litigation becomes inevitable. As each individual and business is unique, the issues presented in each case can be quite novel. As attorneys, we become familiar with the intricacies of our client’s businesses and devise appropriate solutions to various problems. Our firm is a strong believer in alternative dispute resolution, and will use it wherever appropriate in order to save all parties the costs of protracted litigation. However, in the event that a matter cannot be resolved informally, we vigorously represent our clients at trial and beyond. Businesses and companies are often faced with complex disputes with other businesses, a government entity, a customer, or a group of individuals such as the company’s shareholders. Business litigation attorneys provide advice to business clients covering a wide range of litigation, including contracts, disputes, liability issues, and partnerships, to name a few. These complex issues require an understanding of both the legal issues that are involved in the litigation as well as the nature of the business in question.

Real Estate Litigation

When your legal rights becoming affected in regards to real estate, we are prepared to take action on your behalf to protect you and your assets. Our effectiveness prior to trial and at trial often paves the way for settlements and alternative resolutions as our firm is a strong believer in alternative dispute resolution, and will use it wherever appropriate in order to save all parties the costs of protracted litigation. However, in the event that a matter cannot be resolved informally, we vigorously represent our clients at trial and beyond.

Probate Litigation

When issues arise due to the contest of a will, our attorneys are well versed in the complexities of probate litigation and have vast amounts of experience in the field. They understand how stressful it can be and are prepared to handle the complications.